Saturday, September 7, 2013

Improving Web Presence With Seo And PPC

spokesperson for your video images
A majority of website owners spend too much money on getting traffic. Understanding consumer behavior can be so easily done nowadays with Google Analytics, however few people are taking advantage of these free tools. By looking at the most viewed pages, we can learn a lot about our consumer mentality. With this information, you can begin to understand your visitors and develop a strategy to convert them into customers.

Videos are proven to be the most effective method of catching the attention of your audience. This is key in order to convert your site visitors into customers. Many sites use just plain text and graphics which has proven to provide a lower conversion rate. Selling your services and products is easy as long as your customer understands why you are better than the rest. Videos can help you deliver this message.
Recently, the growth of a new industry has caught the intention of many webmasters. This is the website spokesperson industry, with - your top video spokesperson changing the way we keep visitors on our website. The most effective part of a spokesperson is that it can automatically popup and start speaking as soon as the page is opened. This provides a slight surprise element to your website, capturing the visitors' attention even more. Many third-party studies have proven that a website spokesperson can increase time on page by at least 50%.
There is a lot of competition now in the online spokesperson industry, but leading the pack is TweopleLive who first came up with the idea. No wonder they provide some of the most engaging and exciting actors and actresses in the business. They are situated in Florida - the heart of the entertainment industry. Orlando is booming with talent, all of which are eager to showcase their talents online. The fact that they have access to all this is incredible.
The recent release of Google Content Experiments has enabled webmasters to find out what information truly matters to the visitor. Most times, the visitors aren't consciously aware of their choices, but Content Experiment allows you to detect that now. Before you go testing the color of your buttons, remember that big changes lead to big results. If you're not making any sales, try changing the pricing rather than the color of a button. Once your experiment is set up, make sure to track your key measurements to review your results. Based on years of testing, one thing I have learnt is that the facts never lie. The results may be drastically different to what you had expected.
The uniqueness of companies such as, and are that they offer professional actors, on an in-house developed platform. This integrates well with most CMS platforms such as wordpress. Experienced actors are able to quickly catch the visitors attention and gain their trust. Because of this, we have seen very high conversion rates with the top companies. Visitors need someone to trust quickly, and most actors employ college students who simply cannot achieve this with little experience in front of the camera.

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